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Maths Dojo = Fun math… you WILL become better at mental maths with this educational game

Playing this engaging and fun math game will soon help you to calculate ever-more complex sums in your head – in a split second!

We’ve tried and tested this innovative approach to improving mental arithmetic ourselves, on our friends and colleagues, and on our own children – all with impressive results.

At the start of each level you are given three objectives to complete. Enter the battle arena to fight the evil enemies that stand in your way by quickly answering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions. This math game is fun and educational!

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characters Okie and Nawa from fun math game Maths Dojo

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In the battle arena there are five rows of questions to answer, with each correct answer performing an action or giving a reward:

  • Punch

    Punch the enemies by answering punch questions (first row)

  • Kick

    Kick the enemies by answering kick questions (second row)

  • Key

    Answering key questions (third row) to open locks and collect useful items

  • Shield

    Collect shields by answering block questions (fourth row) to stop enemy attacks

  • Resources

    Collect wood and stone to repair and upgrade dojos by answering the wood and stone questions (rows five and six)

After each run you complete in the battle arena you can use the stone and wood you have earned to rebuild the four village dojos, and use your gold to upgrade your fighting and magic skills in the dojos.

Work your way through all of the levels and you’ll save the villagers whilst making it to blackbelt in mental maths.

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